How to Meet Women Tip #4: Use More Than One Site

You may not go out to bars looking for women, but I’m sure you know people that do. Most people that make the mistake of going out to a bar to get laid jump from bar to bar. There are more potential hookups to be had from multiple bars than just one. Online dating is the same concept. One site usually isn’t enough. Think about how many potential women you’ll be missing out on hooking up with if you only use one dating site.

Generally, we game multiple sites form our “best sites” list (below) or game married women for sport:

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There aren’t a lot of great dating sites out there. Most of the sites are horrible places to meet women. Just like most bars in any town are terrible places to find a hookup or relationship. But amongst the crowd of lousy sites are 6 high-quality dating sites (listed above). These 6 sites are filled with attractive women. If you’re looking for a hookup, the top 3 sites should be used. If you want a relationship, you’ll find one on the bottom 3 sites.

My suggestion is that you choose at least 2 of the dating sites listed above.Using multiple sites to meet women online gives you access to more women. That’s not to say you won’t find a hookup on SocialSex – for example – if that’s the only site you use. But there are a few reasons why the best tactic for meeting girls is to use multiple sites…

Strategy for Meeting Women: Using Multiple Sites Limits “Dry Spells”

Want to get laid on a regular basis? Try using multiple dating sites. Let’s say you meet a girl on SocialSex. Things go well. You hookup a few times and then she decides she doesn’t want to continue the relationship. No big deal, right? Well, it wouldn’t become a big deal if you have a backup plan (i.e. another woman ready to take her place).

By using multiple sites, you will almost never have to worry about going through dry spells. You will easily be able to build up a pipeline of women to replace relationships that don’t last. If you’re new to having friends with benefits, these types of relationships generally don’t last more than a month or so. That’s why you need to have backup plans. If you join 2-3 hookup sites, it will never take you long to get back into the action.

The same goes for those of you looking for a long-term relationship. You probably won’t find Mrs. Right right away. You should expect to have to go out on dates with at least a few women before you do. By using multiple dating sites, you’ll always have a replacement date setup just in case things don’t work out with your first date or two.