How to Meet Women Tip #2: Use Killer Profile Pics

Don’t just take and upload any random photos of yourself that you can find. Unless you’ve been blessed with amazing looks, you need to be selective with the photos you upload. Think about what profile pictures women like to see. They like to see full body pictures (please keep your clothes on!). They like to see close-ups of your face. They like to see you in different outfits and different angles.

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Quality versus Quantity: I’m frequently asked if it’s best to take one or two great photos or if you should use a bunch of different pictures. My answer to that is to take and upload AT LEAST 4 high-quality pictures. One picture of your full body (minimum). And 3-4 pictures of your dome (minimum). Don’t upload too many photos because it will make you seem stuck on yourself.

Think about Facebook and what annoys you about it. Probably your friends that are constantly uploading photos of themselves and changing their profile picture. This drives me insane. I cringe every time I get a notification that a photo-obsessed friend uploads a new pic – especially one taken of themselves in a bathroom. I always want to comment, “you’re not that good looking, please stop posting pics of yourself!”

Women Will NOT Want to Meet You if You Use These Profile Pictures

Now that you know to upload at least 4 or 5 pictures, let’s go over the types of photos you should NOT include in that portfolio. There are literally thousands of pics you shouldn’t use, but these are the main types of pictures that will get you blacklisted by damn near EVERY woman online…

Chillin’ With the Bros: I laugh my dick off every time I come across a dude’s profile that has a bunch of pictures with his homeboys. I love seeing them because I know that guy isn’t competition for me. EVERY picture should be of YOU and YOU only. No friends, family, ex-girlfriends, Asian Hookers, etc. The only exception is your pet. Unless your pet is a fish.

Stripping For the Camera: Another guy that is no competition for me is Stripper Dude. Nothing turns a woman off more than being “approached” by a naked dude. Sure, women love seeing guys without clothes on. But they FIRST want to see you with clothes ON.

Closed Mouth, Angry Face: Smile pretty for the camera! What are you hiding by not smiling? An ugly smile? Come on, no one has an ugly smile unless they have dark teeth because they don’t brush. If your teeth are yellow and so you’re afraid to smile with an open mouth in your pics, get some teeth whitening…then take the pic. Guys that don’t smile in their profile pictures appear to lack confidence to women.

Dressed Like a Douche or Slob: You may envy the poontang The Situation gets, but if you dress like him in your profile pictures, you’re not getting any poontang. He only gets laid because he’s rich and famous. You’re not. Dress to impress in ALL of your photos. Don’t dress like you’re auditioning for the Jersey Shore. Besides, your Mother would be ashamed of you.

Women WILL Want to Meet You if You Use These Pictures

I have tested out every type of profile picture imaginable. I get poor results with pictures listed above. And I get exceptional results from profile pictures listed below. So which are the best profile pictures? These ones…

Doing Something Fun and Interesting: Women go for personality more than you think. And your profile pictures can do wonders for showing a woman you have a great personality more than you think. I like to have pictures of myself doing something interesting. That includes climbing mountains (I love mountain climbing), whitewater rafting, or working for a charity (brownie points with this one). Take pictures of yourself that prove to women you’re a fun guy.

In Perfect Lighting: It’s crucial that your pictures aren’t taken in dark or bright settings. They won’t come out well. For pictures taken outdoors, make sure they’re done during the daytime. For pictures taken indoors, make sure there is enough but not too much lighting.

Professional Pictures: Suck at taking pictures yourself? I do too. That’s why I’ll find a good Professional Photographer to take pictures for me. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend that is a great photographer, good for you. I’m not so lucky. Professional pictures come out much better and an expensive camera does wonders for eliminating flaws.

Up-close But Not TOO Close: No one wants to see the inside of your nostrils. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that found nostrils sexy. With that said, you shouldn’t take pictures from too far of a distance either. Women won’t get a good enough look at you.