How to Meet Women Tip #5: The Easiest Way to Meet Girls

I have some advice on an easy way to meet girls whether you just want to get laid or find your soul mate. Choosing to or not to follow this advice will make or break your chances with women online. So please pay attention to what you’re about to learn. It’s that important. The first thing you must understand is how the female mind works. They don’t think like we do. They have different motives for hooking up than we do.

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Women use fling websites for various reasons. One of the main reasons is they are tired of going out to bars and hooking up with douchebags. The same can be said for the women seeking a relationship. Come on, do you really think long-term relationships are made very often when alcohol is involved? The easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend is to know her motive right off the bat. Then you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Reasons Women Use Fling Websites

There are many reasons women use fling websites. As mentioned above, some women are fed up with the drunken douches they find in bars and clubs. The other main reasons include…

Revenge Fuck: Her boyfriend cheated on her and now she’s looking for revenge. What better way to get back at him than by fucking some random stranger she met online? The only downside to going after vulnerable women that want to get back at their boyfriend is the relationship probably won’t last very long. However, they won’t make you wait to get laid. They’ll be ready to fuck RIGHT AWAY.
Under-Sexed: It might be easier for a woman to get laid than a man, but that doesn’t mean women never go through dry spells. The easiest way to get laid is by spotting the under-sexed, easy girls that haven’t been laid in months.

On the Rebound: What better way to get over a break-up than by getting your rocks off? Women on the rebound are the best. Her boyfriend of 3 years dumped her and now she wants to hookup with a random dude to get her mind off of him. You should be the guy to cheer her up.

Convenient: Decent women that use fling websites only because they are more convenient don’t usually give it up right away. You will have to work hard to get her in bed. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Some women simply do not enjoy going out to the bars so they use fling websites to meet men. It’s more convenient and cheaper that way.

If you’re looking for an easy way to meet girls and hookup, you had better find out right away what her reason for using a fling website is. Sometimes you can find this information in her profile. She might mention that she just got out of a long relationship or that her ex cheated on her. However, this information may not be included in her profile. If it isn’t, as her these 3 questions to determine if she’s looking to get laid QUICK…

  • Why are you on (website name)?
  • How long has it been since you’ve been laid?
  • Are you satisfied with your sex life right now?

I realize that women on sites such as aren’t just looking for sex. But they have similar reasons for using dating sites. They are more convenient. If she’s coming off a tough breakup, a great way to get over it is by joining a dating site and starting to date again. These women are vulnerable, but they make great targets because they’re almost always willing to meet up quickly. She isn’t going to get her mind off the ex until she gets out there and meets new guys.

Surprise Her by Being the Rare Classy Guy Online

Ask any woman that’s signed up for a fling site or a regular dating site and she’ll tell you 90% of the guys are perverts and lack class. Hardly any guys online know how to attract women. They will send random pictures of their junk before she asks for it. And they refuse to talk about anything other than sex. Women are very turned off by these men.

What I mentioned in the above paragraph is good news…for you. Take advantage of the perverted douchebags by stealing their women. That’s right – you CAN take their women by acting completely different. Women are surprised – in a good way – by the rare guy that isn’t a classless douche online. They don’t come across many of them. Be the classy guy online and there’s no doubt in my mind women will give you attention.