How to Meet Women Tip #1: Avoid Dating Scams

There are a ton of terrible online dating sites. But that doesn’t stop people from signing up for them. That’s because many of these sites do an excellent job of convincing single men their site is legit when it really is not. They know what men are looking for – hot women. Lots of hot women. Put a bunch of hotties in front of men, tell them to join the site, and they will. It’s that simple. I hate to crack on my own gender, but we’re suckers for hot women. We fall for every trick in the book if a hottie is involved.

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The point I’m trying to make is there are tons of Internet dating scams out there. They are directed at men that don’t have experience with online dating. I wanted to write this as our first tip on how to meet women because I feel it’s the most important. If you’re unable to avoid online dating scams, you won’t meet women and you could lose a lot of money. That is no joke. And I’m not talking just the money you waste on the scam dating site. Unfortunately, many guys have been scammed out of big bucks. I’m going to explain how in this article…

The Best Way to Avoid Internet Dating Scams is to Join Secure Dating Sites

There are many dating sites that aren’t secure. I’m not talking about someone hacking the site and obtaining your credit card information. I’m talking about sites that don’t prevent scammers from taking over the site. How do they take over the site? By creating profiles of women that appear to legitimately be looking for a man. They’re really women that are trying to get your money.

They get your money by pretending to live in a location that requires travel expenses. So let’s say you live in Boston and she lives in Miami. She will act interested in dating you. Once she has you hooked, she’ll give you the “I can’t afford to come see you” excuse. What she’s doing is setting herself up to ask you for travel expenses. Except, she’s not going to come see you. She’s going to take that money and buy herself a new Louis Vitton purse. You won’t find these women on the 6 dating sites we recommend. We came across zero scam artists on those sites.

Avoiding Online Dating Scams: 3 Rules to Ensure Safety

I can’t guarantee you will avoid common scams when meeting women online if you join sites other than,,,,, or When you sign-up for ANY other site, you’ll be vulnerable to scams. However, should you make the mistake and use a different dating site, PLEASE follow these 3 online dating rules…

  • Rule #1: If she’s looks like a porn star, she probably is. And she’s not actually signed up for that site. It’s just a way to hook guys into thinking there are tons of Perfect 10’s on the site. The hot women online are usually 7’s or 8’s.
  • Rule #2: Never pay for travel expenses on a first date. If she wants to come see you, she can pay for it herself.
  • Rule #3: Slap yourself in the face and then choose a better dating site. Seriously, if you’re interested in signing up for, say,, go ahead and smack yourself in the face and then get your head out of your ass and choose a better site. You’re welcome for the tough love…