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On February 28, 2013
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The #1 site for meeting women online for relationships!

The online dating community seems to come to the consensus that sites such as are the best. And is an awesome dating site. But not many people talk about because it’s a bit newer and sort of unknown to many. However, those that are unfamiliar with are missing out on an amazing dating site.

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It’s not just an amazing site because there are a lot of pretty (emotionally vulnerable) women. There are a lot of pretty women that truly are trying to find that special someone and it’s easy to meet them. It requires very little skill. The simple advice we teach in our dating guide will help you meet women on

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Try Our #1 Recommended Site To Meet Women For Relationships:

The best part about is the community feels more like a genuine dating community than a bunch of skanky women with no real interest in finding a decent man. The people that sign-up for this site have more going for them than most sites. That means your chances of meeting a decent woman on is greater than other dating sites.

There really is no downside to using It’s not expensive at all. In fact, it’s very cheap compared to many dating sites. And it’s a growing community. We really love the fact that this site continues to improve and grow because they are doing an excellent job of marketing. They may not have the popularity of some other dating sites, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t better. It just means they haven’t been established for as long.

Our Results On Why It Deserves The #1 Spot

  • 240 emails sent (twice per day) over the course of 4 months
  • 193 replies received (80.4%)
  • 12 dates set
  • 8 actual dates showed up for

It’s very uncommon to get more than a 50% response rate on a traditional dating site. We set our goal of 50% for the hookup sites because it’s easier to get a response. But we were more realistic with the traditional dating sites and set our goal at 40%. On, we achieved an 80.4% response rate. That’s double our expectations.

Because our response rate was so high, we also far exceeded our number of dates expectations. The goal was to get 1 date per month on each site. Our review process lasted 4 months. So the fact that we were able to land 12 dates (though we only attended 8 of them because of scheduling conflicts) is more than impressive. For those of you non-Math Majors, that comes out to 3 dates per month, or 3 times our expected amount.

The reason for our success on was because there were enough women that we were interested in that were active on the site. When we sent out an email, we didn’t have to wait a week to get a response. Women on there are looking for love or to get out and date. They aren’t looking to play games and see how many guys will contact them so they can boost their ego.

What Worked Well On Tactics For Maximum Impact

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It seemed like everything we tried on worked. But the 2 things that worked the best were…

  1. Staying at the top of search results. It’s very important to be seen first. When women search for men, the ones near the top are contacted the most. So how can you remain at the top on Actively participating on the site on a daily basis. You really have no excuse for not actively participating on a daily basis. Even if you’re very busy, you can use on your mobile phone. It just takes a few minutes. Do it on your lunch break, on the Subway home from work, or before you go to bed. Preferably, you should be logging into your dating account at least twice per day.
  2. Be romantic but not too romantic. Romantic guys are in high demand on But there is such thing as “too romantic”. Women are put off by guys that are way too romantic because they come off as cheesy and fake. Playing the jerk on is not a good idea. You won’t attract many women. Save that for the hookup sites such as or The nice guy (but not overly nice) routine will work far better for you on Review: What We Didn’t Love About

The only thing we really didn’t care much for about was the quality of the competition. It’s weird because on every other dating site, we just laughed at the competition. Guys online are total douchebags and have no chance of getting laid. But there is always the exception to the rule. guys seem to be the exception. It was very surprising. The downside to this is you will have to really step up your game. But the good thing is that means you will have more quality women to choose from. A site with decent guys is going to attract better women.

Our Conclusion On might not be the first site people think of when it comes to online dating, but it is the best. There’s absolutely no doubt about it. We reviewed and researched many other dating sites and the success we had on can not be beaten. Just take a look at our results listed above. It was a fantastic experience that we have no complaints about.

Xpress.comis a great site, but you should consider also using and/or The more sites you use, the more women you will have to choose from. But you don’t want to use just any dating site. You’ll be wasting your time and money on most. That’s why we recommend choosing between 2-3 of the following –,, and

It’s our recommendation to make sure is your first choice. It’s the most affordable and also the best. There are a higher percentage of quality women on that site than any other. So choose 2-3 sites (including, read our dating guide, and find the woman of your dreams!