UpForIt.com Review: Why UpForIt.com Is a Complete Scam

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On February 28, 2013
Last modified:March 18, 2013


Don't wate your time with UpForIt.com

We initially planned on testing out 15 relationship and hookup dating sites. But as we approached the end of our review process, we heard about a site called UpForIt.com. We took a quick glance at the site and it looked so ridiculous that we just had to give it a try – most for shits and giggles. With that said, we actually did give this site a fair shake. We didn’t just sign-up and fuck around. We implemented the same strategies on UpForIt.com as we did the other hookup/dating websites. But we knew beforehand that we weren’t going to have much success.

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The good news is we weren’t disappointed with our 4-month UpForIt.com experiment. How could we be? We entered into this expecting a miserable experience. Okay, so what makes UpForIt.com a scam?


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Don’t waste any time on UpForIt.com. Read this page for legit dating sites for meeting women!

Our Analysis Of UpForIt.com: Why UpForIt.com Is Not Legit

  • We sent out 240 emails
  • Only 17 women responded
  • 0 dates were set up
  • 0 dates were attended

17 replies to our 240 introductory emails was about 16 more than we had expected! Yay! However, 17 responses just isn’t enough to expect to get a date – let alone get some pussy. It takes far more responses for most guys to get laid unless you’re the hottest guy that ever lived. Unfortunately, we aren’t the hottest dudes alive. We’re just average looking guys. But we still know how to get laid online. It just wasn’t going to happen on UpForIt.com.

Why UpForIt.com Is Not Real: More On Our UpForIt.com Review

Above, we mentioned the 3 main reasons UpForIt.com is a scam. Let’s dig deeper into them. It’s very obvious when a profile is fake. On UpForIt.com, there were so many fake profiles that it was a pain in the ass to find real women. They were buried deep in the search results. But then again, if we owned UpForIt.com, we’d probably want to bury the real women that sign-up for that site. They would scare away the customers! There were also way too many guys. After you eventually find a real woman to chat with, good luck actually chatting with her. We don’t know the exact male:female ratio, but we do know it’s not good for us guys.

UpForIt.com Review: Our Final Word

Far too many guys waste their money on crappy dating sites. Don’t be one of them. UpForIt.com is a waste of money. You won’t get laid. Invest your money more wisely and sign-up for SocialSex.com, EroticAds.com, and/or AdultFriendFinder.com. They’re very affordable (CHEAP!) and they are legitimate places to meet REAL women that truly are looking for a hookup.

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