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On February 28, 2013
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The #1 site for meeting women online to hookup!

You’ve probably read a few reviews of different hookup sites. Chances are isn’t one of the most popular choices for top hookup sites you’ve seen. There’s a good reason for that, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the site.

socialsex cta meet women online is one of those sites that do business in a more respectable way. Their site speaks for itself. Over and over again, men are hooking up with VERY attractive women on SocialSex. And while the biased dating site review community might not be taking notice, they should be. SocialSex is, without question, the best online hookup site. There are 3 reasons for that…

  1. Men get laid without great effort
  2. The women that sign-up for are actually interested in hooking up and not playing games
  3. No matter where you live, you can find plenty of decent women to chat with – even if you live in the boonies.
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Try Our #1 Recommended Site For Hooking Up With Women Online:

We could talk for hours about the awesomeness of We spent 4 months reviewing the site and it was a 100% pleasant experience. The problems we had with the site were very minor. We had far fewer issues with than any other dating or hookup site. Many of the sites we reviewed were complete disasters. The site features were mediocre, there were a lot of annoying ads, and there were far too many fake profiles. With, none of that was an issue. It’s a top-notch site that we fell in love with.

Our Results On SocialSex: Why It Deserves The #1 Spot

  • 240 emails sent (twice per day) over the course of 4 months
  • 205 replies received (85.4%)
  • 14 dates set
  • 9 actual dates showed up for

When it comes to the entire package – site features, attractive women, a large supply of women all over the United States – no site can truly compare to Another thing we really loved about was we weren’t bombarded with advertisements. A lot of dating sites will irritate the piss out of you with constant ads for penis enlargement pills, other dating sites, etc. Not here.

Compared to other hookup sites, is much easier to use. You don’t have to answer a million personality questions, nor do you need to read “ for Dummies” to understand the site. There’s nothing confusing about that website. Even if you’re 90 years old and have never operated a computer, you could probably figure out

Our results on are listed above. They exceeded any expectations we could have possibly had for any hookup site. An 85.4% response rate was simply insane, but we believe if you follow the emailing advice taught in our dating guide, you can match that on Response rate is very important and there is a correlation between a high response rate and the amount of women you hookup with. Hookup sites that are difficult to get a response from a woman are difficult to get laid on. As you will notice from all of our reviews, the websites we got higher response rates led to the most dates.

What Worked Well On SocialSex: SocialSex Tactics For Maximum Impact

A lot went well for us on We found that it was very easy to attract women even without being the best looking guys on the site. Looks didn’t play as much of a role on as some other sites. It seems like the women are less shallow and far classier. Though we could easily mention at least a dozen tactics that worked well for us on, here is the Top 2…

  1. Kick-ass profile: Profiles are always important on any dating site. They’re your main selling point. But we found that they were even more important – for whatever reason – on We put extra effort into creating a great profile after we initially received limited attention. The very instant we spiced up our profile, women were all over us.
  2. Beating the system: We found out a little secret about (something we figured out about a few other sites). Want women to find your profile before the other guys? All you have to do is really work the site. What we mean by that is be more persistent and put in more effort than the other guys. Sign-on daily. Heck, sign-on 5 times a day. Send out as many emails as possible and update your profile every once in a while. This is how you beat the system.

SocialSex Review: What We Didn’t Love About SocialSex

As much as we love, we’re not going to lie and say there’s nothing wrong with the site. When it comes to meeting women, there are downsides to every place (online or offline) that you go. is no different. The minor issues we had with were…

  • Occasionally slow to load the member directory. Once in a while, we had to refresh the page a few times to view profiles. It probably has something to do with high website traffic.
  • Less detailed profiles than some other sites. Seems like many women on don’t put enough info in their profiles. Makes it kind of difficult to determine if they’re worth the time.

Our Conclusion On SocialSex

Our conclusion on is that it is the best place to get laid. It’s better than anywhere offline and better than any other dating site. There are so many advantages to using, which you learned about above. The women are awesome on this site. There is a lot of eye candy. But they aren’t stuck up and shallow. If you have some game – regardless of your looks – you can pick them up. Just depends on how well you follow our dating guide.

It’s the best site because it’s the easiest to get women. But it’s also very simple to use and navigate through. The minor issues we had with don’t really affect your ability to get laid with ease. We recommend you join and start dating some pretty chicks. By far the best site we’ve tried.