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On February 28, 2013
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Since you’ve stumbled upon our website, we know you want to find sex online. And we’re going to help you do that. Unfortunately, finding sex on just isn’t going to happen. So why are we even writing a review about this site? Because we feel it’s just as important to show you the bad side of online hookup dating sites as it is the good side. A big part of our job is to prevent you from joining hookup sites that won’t do you any good.

sexfinder scam review cta image is a very basic and cheesy hookup site with many obviously fake profiles. That’s pretty common in the world of online hookups. Many of these sites create fake profiles with stunningly beautiful women to get men to sign-up. What this does is creates an unfavorable male to female ratio. Hot women attracts horny men. It’s a very basic but effective marketing tactic. We don’t blame these sites for creating fake profiles. We just think they’re pieces of shit for doing so. Fake profiles isn’t the only reason we disliked Unfortunately, there were many other problems with that website.

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Our Analysis Of Why Is Not Legit

  • We sent out 240 emails
  • Only 19 women responded
  • 0 dates were set up
  • 0 dates were attended

Beyond the fake profiles, we just could not find very many decent women. After a while, we were willing to settle for women with awesome personalities because there just weren’t many that were physically attractive. After we decided to settle for personality, we found out that even this strategy was pointless. There weren’t even many women with great personalities.

So we were stuck having to contact women that not only weren’t much to look at, but also had ugly personalities. Basically, we were screwed, but not in a good way. So we had to settle even more. After a while, our standards were so low, we probably would have chatted with a dude. No, we wouldn’t have had gay sex, but we were pretty desperate.

Why Is Not Real: More On Our Review

After we lowered our standards, we actually got a few responses to our emails. Getting just 19 out of 240 women to respond to our messages is horrible, but we had only 1 or 2 of the first 200 respond. Yep, it was THAT bad. Once we decided we would talk to any girl – fat, stupid, obnoxious, snobby, STD infested, etc – women started responding. We didn’t get any dates out of it because we refused to make a move. Review: Our Final Word

Let’s sum things up. There were a lot of fake profiles. There weren’t very many decent women. If you want to get a date on, you’ll have to settle for the bottom of the barrel women. Sound like a good place to go get laid? Didn’t think so. Try out instead. You can thank us later.

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