HornyMatches.com Review: Why HornyMatches.com Is a Complete Scam

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Do Not Join HornyMatches.com!

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On February 28, 2013
Last modified:March 18, 2013


Don't wate your time with HornyMatches.com

We can’t help but laugh when thinking back on our 4 months on HornyMatches.com. We simply could not take this site seriously. After a few weeks, we basically just fucked around. There was no point to actually trying to meet women because it was very clear that getting laid wasn’t going to happen – unless we wanted to bang a tranny. And, no, we’re not joking (more on this later).

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HornyMatches.com was such a shitty hookup site that we can’t even give it a serious review. So for this review, we’re just going to talk shit and fuck around. Why not, right? Let’s start with the main reasons HornyMatches.com doesn’t deserve serious attention…

  • Tranny bitches looking for love (explained below)!
  • Fat women that think they’re hot (not “curvy” or “thick” women…MORBIDLY OBESE WOMEN!)
  • More than a 4:1 male to female ratio (good luck with that)
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Don’t waste any time on HornyMatches.com. Read this page for legit dating sites for meeting women!

Our Analysis Of HornyMatches.com: Why HornyMatches.com Is Not Legit

  • We sent out 240 emails
  • Only 13 women responded
  • 0 dates were set up
  • 0 dates were attended

We have to be completely honest in these reviews or our website has no credibility. HornyMatches.com is so fucking pitiful that we wouldn’t wish our worst enemy to have to go through what we did on that hookup site. There’s really nothing to talk about when it comes to our results on HornyMatches.com, so we’ll share a little story that you’ll enjoy instead…

Why HornyMatches.com Is Not Real: More On Our HornyMatches.com Review

Okay, story time! In 4 months, we had a mere 13 conversations (most that didn’t last more than a few emails) with women (pathetic). The best conversation was with this chick that appeared to not really be a chick. But we were very curious to find out if we were right that she really was a he. Our instincts were correct! We fucked with her (him?) for a while and acted interested before we told her/him stop trying to pretend to be a woman on that site.

HornyMatches.com Review: Our Final Word

Our final word on HornyMatches.com is to NOT join the site. If this review hasn’t scared you off from signing up for HornyMatches.com, we don’t know what will. We met absolutely no women that we liked. We had less sex than Tim Tebow. And we will never use HornyMatches.com again. Instead, we’re going to continue using SocialSex and recommend that you do the same.

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