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On February 28, 2013
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The #2 site for meeting women online to hookup!

At first glance, seemed kind of fake. Soon after joining the site, we learned our initial assumptions were false. isn’t fake. Far from it. It’s about as real of a hookup site as they come. The women are real – and real nice to look at. The only thing fake about this site are the guys on there. That’s good news for you.

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Fake guys means less competition. You can easily stand out. There’s a ton of advice in our dating guide that will show you how to be different in your profile and emails. That’s really going to help you on Make sure you read the section about tactics that worked for us before you sign-up for more information about the importance of being different on there.

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Try Our #2 Recommended Site For Hooking Up With Women Online: compares quite well with our #1 site – is ranked behind only by a small margin. The sites – along with – are very similar and offer men the ability to hookup with some very attractive women. We were quite thrilled with the women we chatted with and met. They were easy on the eyes, friendly, and yes…DOWN TO FUCK! We didn’t have to deal with bullshit with these chicks.

Our Results On Why It Deserves The #2 Spot

  • 240 emails sent (twice per day) over the course of 4 months
  • 195 replies received (81.25%)
  • 13 dates set
  • 8 actual dates showed up for compares most favorably with in terms of results. It also ranked slightly higher than No other hookup site could even compare to these 3 sites in terms of quality. They’re simply better in ever facet. Better women, no fake members, no scammers, and no annoying advertisements. It’s really not even close between the Top 3 and the “other” hookup sites.

We have high expectations for each hookup site. If they failed to meet our expectations (i.e. easy to get dates) we refused to recommend them to you. We were completely fair with our reviews. Each site was given the same consideration and attention. We entered into this with an open mind. After careful review, deserved the #2 ranking.

They deserved the #2 ranking because our results were better than any other site except for Plus, the cost of the site was affordable and they do an excellent job of keeping up-to-date. When you use, you don’t feel like you’re on a 1999 dating site.

From a statistical standpoint, we were fortunate enough to have 195 of the 240 women we emailed respond. That’s quite impressive. Should you expect a similar response rate? Yes, but only if you send out similar emails to the ones we sent. You can read the emailing section of our dating guide for examples.

What Worked Well On Tactics For Maximum Impact

One thing we really loved about was how simple it was to use and connect with women. There was no dicking around for days trying to get a hold of the ladies. We signed up, created a profile, and away we went. It was a frustration-free dating site. There were many tactics that worked well on, mostly because the women on there are actually looking to get laid. But the 2 tactics that worked best were…

  1. Bullshit but don’t make it obvious. We’re not going to lie – these women are EASY. And they’re suckers for bullshit, so long as it’s not too obvious. The whole “be yourself” nonsense generally doesn’t work so well on hookup sites. It does on dating sites, but since you’re just looking to get laid, we suggest you play off a bad boy persona. The women on these sites are suckers for a bad boy. That’s really what most of them are looking for. Just make sure you know how to pull it off.
  2. Don’t give up on her. Most of the time, when a girl doesn’t respond right away, you should just forget her. She probably isn’t interested. We actually found that being persistent on worked wonders. There were a few women we chatted with that went M.I.A. Then we continued contacting them and eventually set dates up. She may have found someone else and then ended up not liking him. Don’t give up on her. If you don’t get a response for more than a week, forget her. But if it’s only been a few days, send a “are you still interested?” email and then a follow-up a day later if she didn’t respond. After that, just give up. Review: What We Didn’t Love About isn’t the #1 hookup site for a reason. There are a few things that we disliked about the site. The good news is it’s all minor stuff. The things we disliked about didn’t impact our overall opinion of the site. We’re not so stuck up that we expect perfection from every dating site. What didn’t we like about

Would be nice to have more advanced search features. It’s not so easy to weed out the women you would never be interested in. Takes a little bit longer to find the women you want to email because you have to go through a few profiles of women you wouldn’t consider.
A few too many fatties. Online dating brings out the fat chicks! Doesn’t matter what site you’re on. There were a shit ton of gorgeous women, but it also seemed like an over abundance of fat chicks. If you’re into the fatties, you’ll be in Seventh Heaven!

Our Conclusion On

It’s hard for us to rate ahead of Just like it’s difficult for us to give the #3 ranking because they’re all worthy of the #1 spot. We truly enjoyed We met some HOT babes and could have met plenty more if we had more time to spend on the site. The best part of is it’s very easy to get laid. If you are unable to bang some cuties on, you weren’t following the advice from our dating guide.