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On February 28, 2013
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We love to get naughty with women. So we figured what better place to do that than a site called As it turns out, we couldn’t have found a WORSE place to be naughty. We’re going to keep this short and simple, but we could go on for days about how shitty is.

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Of the eleventy billion things we didn’t like about, here are the 3 main ones…

  • Ugly, fat women (sorry, but it’s true)
  • Unappealing website graphics (nothing to see here folks, move along…)
  • Ugly, fat women that think they’re hot (what’s up with that?)
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Don’t waste any time on Read this page for legit dating sites for meeting women!

Our Analysis Of Why Is Not Legit

  • We sent out 240 emails
  • Only 33 women responded
  • 0 dates were set up
  • 0 dates were attended

We really aren’t as shallow as it might seem. We have no problem hooking up with average-cute women. But we’re guys and we like good looking chicks. There just aren’t very many of them on And although we aren’t that shallow, is it asking too much for a hookup site to attract women that don’t gross us men out? Come on, these chicks were completely disgusting.

Look, we realize that perfect 10’s don’t join dating sites. But there are millions of 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s on the good sites. On, even if you live in a major city (i.e. Los Angeles), you won’t have a very extensive list of 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s. You probably won’t even find many 5’s. What you will find are a shit load of 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. And probably even some 1’s. You don’t have to settle for banging those women. There are enough attractive women on, for example that even the average guys can find someone.

Why Is Not Real: More On Our Review

We mentioned that the women are very unattractive. But we also found they are very stuck up and full of themselves. We chatted with quite a few women that weren’t attractive at all that went on and on about how guys are all over them because they know they’re hot. We just laughed. There’s no way in hell ANY guy (not even the most desperate guys) would have found these women attractive at all – let alone hot. Review: Our Final Word

We know for a fact that average looking guys (and even so-called “ugly” guys) can get laid online by women that are much better looking than them. But that isn’t going to happen on a site like The women are not attractive and they are completely full of themselves. So screw and start screwing attractive women on We did!

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