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On February 28, 2013
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The #3 site for meeting women online to hookup!

If you’ve been around the online hookup community for a while, you’re familiar with In fact, many of our readers previously used with limited / no success. If you’ve previously used and failed on, please reconsider the site. Read this review because you’re going to learn some things about the site that just might change your opinion and help make your second go-round more pleasant.

adultfriendfinder cta meet women online is one of the first hookup sites. It is an innovator in the online hookup dating world. They have their fair share of haters. However, that goes with the territory. There are a lot of haters on every dating site. But there are also a lot of people that speak highly of sites such as Most of the haters are guys that have no game and don’t know how to get laid. If they simply read through our free dating guide and then implemented those strategies on, their opinion of the site would be different.

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Try Our #3 Recommended Site For Hooking Up With Women Online:

We don’t care what anyone says about We used the site for 4 months and had incredible success. If you can’t get laid on that site, you’re doing something wrong. But the site has nothing to do with it. We aren’t saying this to seem rude. If you’ve previously used and had no success, we’re not trying to offend you. We just want to show you that you most definitely can get laid on there and we’ve got some advice to help you.

Our Results On Why It Deserves The #3 Spot

  • 240 emails sent (twice per day) over the course of 4 months
  • 188 replies received (78.3%)
  • 11 dates set
  • 7 actual dates showed up for

On, we set-up 14 dates. On, we set-up 13 dates. And on, we set-up 11 dates. Those were some great results. On the remaining 10 hookup sites we reviewed, we didn’t score ANY dates. Not one! How ridiculous is that? It just goes to show how much better the Top 3 sites are. How much better are the Top 2 sites than Not very much. They’re all so close.

Let’s get into the numbers. 78.3% of the emails we sent out were replied to. We were shooting for a 50% response rate. We figured that if we could get 50%, we would be able to set-up at least a handful of dates in the 4 months on each site. We had agreed to give positive reviews to any site that we achieved a 50% response rate and set-up 5 dates on.

We far exceeded those expectations on We could have never expected such amazing results. But we really do believe you can achieve the same amount of success. All you have to do is implement the same strategies we did. That advice is covered in our dating guide.

Now let’s talk about the women we met. Because we don’t fuck and tell (and you wouldn’t care to hear about those stories anyway), we’re not going to mention the naughty details. But we will discuss the women we met. They were great. Not only nice to look at but very friendly and outgoing. They weren’t snobby, nor did they act like they were God’s gift to mankind. That’s what we liked most about them. Well, that and the fact they were fucking sexy!

You may have noticed the discrepancy in dates set-up and actual dates. We had a few issues that we didn’t consider prior to starting our dating site reviews. It’s very hard to set-up dates on different sites at the same time and actually show up for each date. It’s just not humanly possible, especially when you factor in how busy we were reviewing each site and chatting with women. It was a rather hectic 4-month period!

What Worked Well On Tactics For Maximum Impact success is all about effort. Put in the time and effort, learn the strategies we teach, and you WILL get laid. There is no other substitution. isn’t the type of site where you can sign-up, create just any ordinary profile, send out cheesy emails, and expect to get laid right away. It’s a site that requires persistence. And to try these tactics…

  1. Ignore the women that you just know men are all over. There are some 9’s on Sure, they’d be nice to hookup with, but you have to be realistic. Go for the 6’s and 7’s. There’s far less competition for them because most of the idiot guys on there only go after the hottest women. Which is why they never get laid.
  2. Don’t settle. There are so many attractive women on Why settle for the average/ugly women? You can have 6’s and 7’s easily. You might even get lucky and score with an 8. Don’t go after the 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s unless you’re really desperate. It takes a bit more time to hookup with a cutie, but it’s definitely doable. Review: What We Didn’t Love About

The 2 things we disliked about were…

  1. Lots of competition for the best looking women. We’re really being picky and shallow here. But hey who doesn’t want to fuck a drop dead gorgeous woman?
  2. Good luck getting a response from the customer support staff! It can be a little frustrating when you have a question for their customer support team. You probably won’t receive a quick response. Such is life!

Our Conclusion On was one of the first sites we reviewed because we were already familiar with it. After our review of the site, we were certain no other site would top it. We were wrong. and somehow were able to top But don’t let that fool you. is one hell of a hookup site. It’s just not QUITE as amazing as or