Top 5 Worst Reasons to Get Into a Relationship With Her

If only I had a nickel for every time a friend of mine got into a relationship with someone that wasn’t right for them. I see it all the time. Guy meets girl. Guy becomes obsessed with girl. Guy gets his heart broken because he entered a relationship with a woman he had nothing in common with. If only he had learned these 5 worst reasons to get into a relationship beforehand…

Reason #1: Because she’s hot

I love hot women just as much as the next guy. They’re great to look at. They’re great to have sex with because it’s easy to get turned on when a hottie is naked in your bed. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily make the best girlfriends. If the only reason you’re in a relationship with her is because she has a great ass, you’re making a mistake. Looks turn you on. Personality makes the relationship go.

Foods Items which will help you have great sex

Foods Items which will help you have great sex

Reason #2: You’re desperate

This is one of the worst mistakes some guys make. No one likes being single for a long time. If you’ve gone 2 years without a girlfriend, don’t get into a relationship with the first girl you meet just so you won’t be single anymore. Make sure she’s actually a good match for you first. Desperation leads to heart break.

Reason #3: Your friends think you should

Ah, yes, the old “my friends think she’s perfect for me” excuse. This one drives me crazy. I’ve had quite a few friends try to set me up with women that they thought were perfect for me, when in fact they weren’t. Then when I refused to date these women, they wondered what was wrong with me. Getting into a relationship is your decision, not your friends.

Reason #4: You think you always need a girlfriend

Sometimes being single is the good life. I have far too many friends that jump from relationship to relationship just because. They simply cannot function without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Again, be with her because you want to be with HER. Don’t be with her because you want a girlfriend.

Feel All Your Sexual Feelings

Feel All Your Sexual Feelings

Reason #5: You’re not attracted to her

This is the polar opposite of Reason #1. I did say that looks aren’t everything and that personality is what makes a relationship go. But a lack of sexual interest in your partner will kill a relationship. If you can’t get it up for her, your relationship will never last. Don’t be a shallow douche and only go for Perfect 10s. But there needs to be some sort of sexual attraction to make the relationship last.