Top 5 Romantic First Date Ideas

I’m not the most romantic guy. But I do know how to charm a woman on a first date by taking her somewhere romantic. You should never be too romantic early in a relationship. It might put her off. If you’re too sensitive and caring, she might think of you as a sissy boy. However, I do think it’s a good idea to get creative on a first date. Dinner at Applebee’s and a movie is kind of lame. So instead of that, here are 5 first date ideas that are more romantic…

Candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant

Like I said, Applebee’s is just lame. Everyone has taken a date there (or some similar type of restaurant). Sure, the food at Applebee’s is pretty good and it’s not too expensive or cheap, but come on, it’s Applebee’s. Where’s the excitement in that? I don’t like the idea of taking her back to your place on a first date. Later in the date, if things are going well, you can offer for her to come back. But not right away. So if you have the budget for a fancy restaurant that offers candlelight service, this is a fantastic idea. DOWNSIDE: These restaurants are almost always expensive.

First Date Recipes couple at romantic table

First Date Recipes couple at romantic table

Hike through the mountains and a candlelight dinner at camp side

If you live in the middle of Ohio, obviously you won’t have any mountains nearby. But if you’re within driving distance of some mountains, there’s really nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner out in the middle of the mountains. Start the evening off with a nice hike. Chat with her a bit and get to know each other. Then take her to a camping location and have dinner already prepared. DOWNSIDE: Hiking can wear you down.

Sightseeing in scenic locations

Again, if you reside in a town where the only scenery is the hot local women, this won’t work. But then again, even some small boring towns have certain scenic locations. If your town has some scenic points, take her there. Go for a walk, chat, and enjoy the sights. Don’t forget to give her your jacket if she’s chilly. DOWNSIDE: There is none!

The hot local women

The hot local women

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon rides are expensive, but they are very romantic and adventurous. This works even better if you’re fortunate enough to live in a scenic town. But it’s still a great idea anywhere. This shows her you’re entertaining and like to have fun. It’s an exciting alternative to the played out dinner and a movie date. DOWNSIDE: The cost.

Sporting Event

Who says that taking a date to a ballgame isn’t romantic? Haven’t you ever seen Fever Pitch? If you’re both into sports and cheer for the same team, take her out to a ballgame. Grab a beer, hot dog, and some peanuts. She’ll be impressed. DOWNSIDE: None, unless you aren’t fans of the same teams.