Sexting Tactics: Sexting 101

One of the best ways to make her sexually attracted to you is through sexting. But only if done right. Sexting – for those that don’t know – is texting in a sexual manner. So instead of asking her how her day was, you would ask her how much she was craving cock that day. Or something along those lines. Many guys fail at sexting for various reasons. But the main reason is because they go too far with the discussion. You should sexually seduce her through sexting, not disgust her.

Sexting Do’s and Don’t’s: Sexting Your Way into Her Bed

DO: Talk to her about how you will please her in the bedroom. Let her know that aim to please and aren’t selfish in bed.

DON’T: Brag about how much of a sexual stud you are. She doesn’t care how great other women think you are. She only cares about what you’ll do for her.

DO: Explain to her your sexual fantasies, desires, and fetishes. It’s important for a couple to feel comfortable opening up to each other about their fantasies.

DON’T: Go into graphic detail about what you want to do to her and what you want her to do to you. A discussion about sex can be mature. You’d be surprised.

 Keys to building intense sexual tension with a woman

Keys to building intense sexual tension with a woman

DO: Call her sexy pet names (i.e. “my little sex kitten”)

DON’T: Call her a “dirty slut

DO: Ask her what she’s into.

DON’T: Ask her if she’s into anal before you’ve actually had sex with her, unless she tells you she loves anal.

DO: Send her photos of your body when she asks for them.

DON’T: Randomly send her a picture of your penis. Women aren’t as turned on by a picture of your penis as you might think.

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Follow these simple rules and you’ll be rewarded!

Sexting has become an integral part of getting laid for men. If you follow the do’s and don’ts above, you’ll do just fine. When you’re sexting a girl, do it in a “classy” way. Comments about how you want to ram your “giant cock” deep into her asshole is way out of line. Don’t get too graphic. That’s actually a turn-off. Use sexting as a way to prove to her that you know what you’re doing sexually and that you’re a giver, not just a receiver.