For the Younger Men: Are Cougars Really the Best Lays?

We’ve all seen American Pie a hundred times. Stiffler’s Mom is pretty damn hot, right? And we’ve probably all at least fantasized about banging a hot older chick. Personally, my infatuation with Cougars started when I was 18 and dating a girl that had a very attractive 40-something mother. As sick as it might seem, I would fantasize about her mom while I was having sex with my girlfriend. Later in life, I told my ex-girlfriend about this and she laughed.

When I was in College and single, I got the idea that I would like to find a Cougar to hookup with. This was a few years after American Pie became popular, so that helped fuel my fantasy of hooking up with a MILF. Of course, I didn’t know where I was going to meet one. I had enough problems attracting girls on campus. How was I going to find a 40-something hottie to hookup with?

Despite my inability to attract many chicks on campus, I had this fantasy of doing a Cougar stuck in my head and so I was going to find some way to make it happen. I didn’t actually “find” a way to make it happen. I got a bit lucky and a Cougar sort of just came to me. This very attractive 40-something woman moved into the unit next to me. She was single and lived alone. She was very flirty and came over to introduce herself. Right away, I figured she would make a good target but I had no idea if she was into younger men…or me.

Talking about sex in bed linked to sexual satisfaction

Talking about sex in bed linked to sexual satisfaction

As it turns out, she ONLY gets with younger men!

She invited me over for dinner one night. It seemed like just a friendly gesture from a new neighbor. She cooked up a delicious steak and we had a great conversation over dinner. But I wasn’t really on my game. I didn’t so much as ask her if she would date a younger man. I didn’t need to. Out of the blue, she straight up asked me if I would ever hookup with an older woman.

I nearly peed myself in excitement when she asked that. Here I was sitting in her apartment, alone with her and she asked me the question I was too afraid to ask her. It was almost like a dream situation. When she asked the question, I knew she wanted to have sex. Why else would she ask me that? I didn’t answer with a “yes”. I answered with a “fuck yeah I do!

She then went into story telling mode. She told me her entire life story. She had been married twice to men her age or older. She said that she lost out on enjoying her 20’s because she was married. But when I knew for sure I was going to hit it was when she told me she was fed up with men her age. She likes younger men because they’re more fun and have a higher sex drive.

Sunbathing boosts male sex drive

Sunbathing boosts male sex drive

As you may have guessed, I did get laid that night. And the next night, the night after that, and probably a dozen times the following week. My relationship with her – which was only sexual – continued for about 3 months. It was AWESOME sex. Older women are the best because they are more experienced and really want to let loose in bed. They know they’re coming towards the end of their sexual peak so they want to get it as often as possible while they still can.

Tips on Getting Her to Come Back For More…And More

The only way you’re going to have a happy sex life is if you keep her coming back over and over again. If you don’t know how to keep a woman satisfied, you better get use to using dating sites because you’ll have to continually replace your women. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been one to use dating sites for a quick fuck every once in a while when I was in a slump. But most of the time, I try to think long-term. Therefore, I work to keep my women completely satisfied.

It’s much less sexually frustrating to have one or two women readily available any time you need it. So I want you to focus on getting a woman (or two) and keeping her satisfied. Obviously, the sex needs to be good. I’m no sex therapist and I don’t know what you’re into and what your girl is into, so I’m not going to get into specific sexual position and tactics to use with her. Instead, I’m going to focus on everything else you can do to ensure she keeps on coming back for more…and more!

Buy her some random shit every once in a while

I realize she’s not your “girlfriend” but she’s still a woman. And women love gifts, even if they aren’t expensive. Don’t spend a ton of money on her. Save that for when you actually are in a committed relationship. Just buy her little sweet gifts that you know she’d like to have. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that doesn’t love chocolate. Don’t get her flowers. Those are too cheesy and just not the type of gift you should get a fuck buddy. Tickets to a ballgame or concert is another cool gift idea. The purpose of getting her a gift is to simply let her know that you mean more to her than just sex, even if that’s not true.

Sexual Frustration Does Not Need To Rule Your Life

Sexual Frustration Does Not Need To Rule Your Life

Get to know what she’s into sexually and allow her to act out her fantasies

I’ve hooked up with some women that were into some pretty weird shit. These fetishes did nothing for me, but occasionally I would let her choose our roleplay activities. This makes her feel like you actually care about her. Some women aren’t so open with their fantasies. So you might have to ask her. Let her know that you are willing to try anything within reason. If she’s into some weird pissing shit, go find yourself another woman…unless you enjoy being pissed on. Besides, you might find out that you share the same fantasies.

Compliment her skills between the sheets

Some women are very clueless. They don’t always know from actions if a man is enjoying the sex. So you have to tell her. After you have sex with her for the first time, send her a text message that states how awesome it was and that you can’t wait to do it again. Reassure her that you are really into her. Tell her she’s sexy and the best sex you’ve ever had. If you’ve told her you’re a virgin, don’t tell her she’s the best lay you’ve ever had!

Make a lot of noise for great sex

Make a lot of noise for great sex

3 Things to Talk About on Your First Date: Conversation Fodder Guaranteed to Impress

It’s important to show up for your first date dressed nicely and feeling confident. Guess how far doing that will get you? About as far as the conversation does. You won’t get anywhere with a woman if you can’t charm her. Not just with your looks or smile. But more importantly – with your conversation skills. The purpose of good conversation is showing her you’re a fun person. The truth about women is they can EASILY be talked into bed.

How do you talk a woman into bed? By NOT talking about sex. Say what? That’s right. When you’re out on a date with a woman – whether or not you’re just after sex – keep the conversation interesting, but refrain from talking about sex. If she’s into you, offer to bring her back to your place. She’ll know what you’re implying – you want to get laid! You don’t have to talk about sex to get down her pants.

Why shouldn’t you talk about sex? Because you’ll seem desperate and that sex is the only thing on your mind. She’ll assume there’s nothing more to you than being a man with a penis. Women love men with great personalities. Even if you’re just looking for sex, show her that you’re fun to be around. Sometimes she might actually want to go have some drinks or go to a ballgame with you. Other things you should NOT talk about on a first date…

Girls are looking for a night of uninhibited sex

Girls are looking for a night of uninhibited sex

  • Politics or religion
  • Nagging ex-girlfriends (past relationships)
  • Your jackass boss that treats you like crap because you’re too much of a pussy to stand up for yourself
  • The weather
  • George W. Bush
  • The best Star Trek Convention you’ve ever attended

What You SHOULD Talk About on a First Date

Her Interests: This is the best way to get a conversation going and to get her to open up. This also requires you know something about her before meeting. So read her profile and pay attention to the things she says online and via text. She’ll be impressed if you bring up some of her interests in the conversation.

Future Goals: If you are looking for a relationship, you must be honest here. But if you’re just after sex, feel free to bullshit. Women are attracted to a man that has a plan for success. Think big, but be realistic. Chances are you aren’t going to take over Microsoft when Bill Gates steps down.

Women Find Attractive in a Man:Attraction Based on Behavior

Women Find Attractive in a Man:Attraction Based on Behavior

Cool, Random Road Trips: I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that didn’t love traveling or didn’t dream of doing a lot of traveling. Talk about where you’d like to take her. Just make sure it’s an exciting location such as hiking through Glacier National Park and not hitting up a McDonald’s in Des Moines, Iowa.

Re-Evaluating Your Situation: Why You’re Not Getting Any Dates

Recently, a reader of mine sent me a message to let me know that the advice we teach on here is ineffective. Knowing that he’s factually incorrect (we’ve tested out our methods and proven they work), I wasn’t just going to ignore the message. Besides, I wanted to help this guy out. Certainly, there was something he was doing wrong. But he insisted that he followed our dating guide and tried everything to attract women but he not only was unable to get laid, he couldn’t even get a date. So I had a long conversation with him and got to the bottom of his problem. The first thing I did was email him these questions…

  • Does your profile (picture AND content) meet the guidelines included in our dating guide?
  • Are you sending out strong emails that stand out in a good way?
  • When chatting via text or IM, are you keeping the conversation interesting and talking about topics SHE’S interested in?
  • Are you smoothly asking her out on a date within an hour after the start of the online/text conversation?
  • Are you going after women that aren’t WAY out of your league?
  • Are you going after women that you have a lot in common with?

Not surprisingly, he answered yes to all 6 questions. So I decided to check it out for myself. He gave me access to his account and I did a little research. The first thing I took a look at was his profile. He was spot on with following our profile creation guidelines. He created a great profile and took the EXACT pictures we suggested.



I then got into his sent folder and read through a few of his emails. They were strong too. No surprise, he was receiving a decent amount of responses to his emails. That’s when I figured his problem had to either be going after the wrong type of women or his IM chats were too boring. So I took a look at those things as well. Here’s what I found out…

He Had Nothing In Common With The Women He Was Chasing

I cannot stress the importance of going for women you have a realistic shot at and women that have something in common with you. He’s not a bad looking guy but he doesn’t have enough to offer an 8 or a 9. He should be going after 6’s and 7’s that have something in common with him. The women he was chasing after were smoking hot and were clearly after guys with money. Don’t go after the gold diggers unless you have the bankroll to keep them happy.

You can get attractive women:online dating

You can get attractive women:online dating

He is an average guy going after women that want a Sugar Daddy. It’s very difficult to pull that one off unless you have the goods. I read through logs of his IM chats and he seemed pretty charming. But he wasn’t able to fake being wealthy very well. They sniffed him out easily. Be realistic with the women you go after. You can get attractive women, but you have to find the right ones for YOU.

Top 10 Songs to Get Her in the Mood for Sex

Everyone loves music. Everyone loves listening to some kind of music when they’re having sex. It’s a great way to set the mood. But you have to know her taste in music. If she’s a rocker chick and you show up with your Coolio’s Greatest Hits CD, it probably won’t do much to get her into the mood. I have compiled a list of 10 songs that will get her ready for sex. A song that gets her in the mood will have the following characteristics…

  • She likes the song
  • Song has some energy (energy leads to horny-ness)
  • Song has meaning (decent lyrics)

Make sure you choose a song from the correct genre, based on her taste in music…

Rock and Alternative Music

  1. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard
  2. “You Shook Me all Night Long” – AC/DC
  3. “You Give Love a Bad Name” – Bon Jovi

     Everyone loves listening to some kind of music when they’re having sex

    Everyone loves listening to some kind of music when they’re having sex

Country Music

  1. “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” – Big and Rich
  2. “Forever and Ever, Amen” – Randy Travis
  3. “Hello Darlin” – Conway Twitty

Rap and Hip Hop

  1. “How Do You Want It?” – Tupac
  2. “Wild Ones” – Flo Rida
  3. “End of the Road” – Boyz II Men>
  4. “In Da Club” – 50 Cent

    The mood anytime and anyplace? Even during the big game? These fail-proof tricks are sure to get his full attention

    The mood anytime and anyplace? Even during the big game? These fail-proof tricks are sure to get his full attention

Every woman’s hormones get kicking by a different type of song. For some women, they dig the slow, lovemaking music such as Marvin Gaye. Others are turned on by loud, energetic music they can dance to. Know your girl before choosing the pre-lovemaking tunes. Simply ask her what gets her in the mood. If she wants to have sex with you, she’ll tell you.

Online Dating Used to Only Be for the Desperate: Why Everyone Now Uses It

I remember back in the day of the AOL chat rooms. I never met anyone on there, but many in our group got to know each other well offline. In fact, quite a few couples formed from our group. I’m going to be honest with you. From the pictures I saw of the other members, it wasn’t a very attractive group. And based on the discussion in the group, I don’t think many guys – if any at all – would have been able to pull some tail offline.

That’s exactly what they were doing online. That was the late 1990’s. Soon after, small dating sites were beginning to pop-up. But online dating was far from becoming a mainstream place for finding a mate/hookup. Most people were embarrassed to admit they met a girl online. In fact, some of my friends would never admit to it right away. If a guy went online to get a girl, he was seen as desperate. Online dating 10-12 years ago was only for losers, according to society.

Somewhere along the line, we all sort of decided that online dating was actually kind of cool. And before we knew it, online dating had become one of the most popular places to get a date and/or get laid. It’s like society did a complete 180 on their opinions of online dating overnight. So what happened to our views of online dating? Let’s take a look…

Great Date Ideas for Online Dating

Great Date Ideas for Online Dating

We Became Addicted to Computers

The fact of the matter is we now live in a society where we’re all technology addicts. Whether it be iPad’s, iPhone’s, fancy laptops, or HDTV’s – we cannot get enough of modern technology. Our days now revolve around technology. Online dating has become a part of modern technology. You can log onto your fancy computer and chat with women instantly.

Women Are Fed Up With the Douchebags They Meet in Bars

Talk to any decent woman and she’ll tell you the caliber of men she meets in a bar isn’t very good. And it’s hard to be selective when you’re meeting men in a bar because you don’t know anything about them other than their looks. That differs to online dating. Women are now able to read a little bit about you from your profile. So if she thinks you’re a douchebag based on what’s in your profile, she never has to speak to you should you approach her. She can just ignore your email. It’s hard to fend off the douchebags offline.

Find online hookup with hot Girl

Find online hookup with hot Girl

It’s Just So Darn Convenient

The best part about online dating is it made getting a girlfriend or a hookup so damn easy. You don’t have to dress up, head out to a bar, and work your ass off to impress women anymore. Now you can just sit around in your tighty-whities and charm the ladies with very little effort. Once everyone caught on that online dating is so convenient, they hopped on the bandwagon. And it’s here to stay. Online dating will only get bigger and bigger.

How to Score With Women That Are Out of Your League

For the better part of my life, I never went for women that were clearly better looking than me. I always assumed they were unattainable. Just look around at couples out there and you’ll notice a majority of them are evenly matched in terms of looks. If she’s a 9, she’s probably dating a guy that’s an 8-10, and not a 4. It’s just the way it is.

So that makes it nearly impossible for average looking men to snag a hottie…if they don’t know how. The truth is most guys go for women that are in their league, physically because they feel they’ll be rejected less. And that’s why 5’s end up with 5’s and 9’s end up with 9’s. But the guys with balls that have some game end up scoring with chicks that are out of their league. Here’s how they do it…

Be Honest With Yourself: Know How You Rate

I think most of us guys sort of know what women think of us physically. I don’t think many 3’s think they’re 10’s. And I don’t think many 10’s think they’re 3’s. If women are constantly complimenting your looks, you’re attractive. Before you can start choosing how hot you want your woman to be, you need to be realistic. You definitely can get a woman out of your league. But unless you’re filthy rich, you should only expect to go up 2-3 points. So let’s say you’re a 4. You can get a woman that is a 5-7 easily. But an 8+ is probably going to be unattainable unless your bank account has endless zeros.

Sexiest Playoff Hotties

Sexiest Playoff Hotties

Offer Her Something Beyond Looks

Women almost NEVER date down. They want a man that’s at least on an even level with them. But I’m not talking about looks. If you have a good job and a great personality, you won’t have any problem attracting women that are physically better looking than you. The entire package is very important. For example, if she’s an 8 and you’re a 5, you can still get her as long as you can offer her a charming personality and a decent job. That will offset the difference in looks.

DATE HOT WOMEN - Be Yourself Seduction!!!

DATE HOT WOMEN – Be Yourself Seduction!!!

Learn How to Talk Your Way Into Her Pants

I won’t lie to you. Better looking guys will get first dibs on the hot women online (or offline). It’s just the way it is. However, most of those good looking dudes screw things up because they have lousy personalities and don’t know how to talk to women. That’s where you come in. You’re going to be the guy that humors her and shows her what an awesome personality you have. After she gets tired of the perverted “studs” that think they can use their good looks to get in her pants, she’ll end up in your bed.

Why Women Have Sex: A Study of the Main Reasons

Women and men are very different when it comes to sexuality. Men think about sex 24/7. Women think about sex much less, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it just as much. They’re just a bit less obsessed than we are. For some women, sex has a different meaning than men. For a guy, sex is mostly something that feels pretty freaking good. To most women, sex is more than just a “good feeling”. It’s a moment of intimacy and passion. There are 5 different reasons a woman wants to have sex

Reason #1: She’s horny

Women get horny too. They may not constantly have sex on their minds, but they do spend time throughout their day fantasizing about a big cock pounding its way through her vagina. Sex feels good – if done right. Women like to orgasm just as much as you do.

Reason #2: Her man is horny

Many women prefer to play the submissive role in the relationship. Historically speaking, women are more submissive than men. Therefore, the man makes many of the family decisions. One of those decisions is when to have sex. So if her man is horny but she isn’t, she’ll put out if she prefers to play the submissive role in the relationship.

More reasons she might choose to have sex with you

More reasons she might choose to have sex with you

Reason #3: She wants to conceive

You can’t conceive a child without having sex. If the couple wants to have a baby, they must actually get together to fornicate. Women will put out for the simple reason that they want a child.

Reason #4: She’s easy

These are my favorite type of women (as long as she’s disease-free, of course). You should seek them out online. There are single women (and some that are in relationships) that will put out because that’s what they do – fuck dudes. If she has no STD’s, go for her!

Women And Sex – Innocent Little Lambs Or Predatory Wolves

Women And Sex – Innocent Little Lambs Or Predatory Wolves

Reason #5: She’s going through a dryspell

Another type of woman you should seek out online is a woman that hasn’t been laid in quite some time. Women need sex and when they go extended periods of time without it, they get antsy. That’s where fling websites come into play. If she mentions that she hasn’t been laid in months, make her your prime target.

Sexting Tactics: Sexting 101

One of the best ways to make her sexually attracted to you is through sexting. But only if done right. Sexting – for those that don’t know – is texting in a sexual manner. So instead of asking her how her day was, you would ask her how much she was craving cock that day. Or something along those lines. Many guys fail at sexting for various reasons. But the main reason is because they go too far with the discussion. You should sexually seduce her through sexting, not disgust her.

Sexting Do’s and Don’t’s: Sexting Your Way into Her Bed

DO: Talk to her about how you will please her in the bedroom. Let her know that aim to please and aren’t selfish in bed.

DON’T: Brag about how much of a sexual stud you are. She doesn’t care how great other women think you are. She only cares about what you’ll do for her.

DO: Explain to her your sexual fantasies, desires, and fetishes. It’s important for a couple to feel comfortable opening up to each other about their fantasies.

DON’T: Go into graphic detail about what you want to do to her and what you want her to do to you. A discussion about sex can be mature. You’d be surprised.

 Keys to building intense sexual tension with a woman

Keys to building intense sexual tension with a woman

DO: Call her sexy pet names (i.e. “my little sex kitten”)

DON’T: Call her a “dirty slut

DO: Ask her what she’s into.

DON’T: Ask her if she’s into anal before you’ve actually had sex with her, unless she tells you she loves anal.

DO: Send her photos of your body when she asks for them.

DON’T: Randomly send her a picture of your penis. Women aren’t as turned on by a picture of your penis as you might think.

Edward Sczudlo / Getty Images

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be rewarded!

Sexting has become an integral part of getting laid for men. If you follow the do’s and don’ts above, you’ll do just fine. When you’re sexting a girl, do it in a “classy” way. Comments about how you want to ram your “giant cock” deep into her asshole is way out of line. Don’t get too graphic. That’s actually a turn-off. Use sexting as a way to prove to her that you know what you’re doing sexually and that you’re a giver, not just a receiver. Review: Why Is a Complete Scam

We initially planned on testing out 15 relationship and hookup dating sites. But as we approached the end of our review process, we heard about a site called We took a quick glance at the site and it looked so ridiculous that we just had to give it a try – most for shits and giggles. With that said, we actually did give this site a fair shake. We didn’t just sign-up and fuck around. We implemented the same strategies on as we did the other hookup/dating websites. But we knew beforehand that we weren’t going to have much success.

upforit scam review cta image

The good news is we weren’t disappointed with our 4-month experiment. How could we be? We entered into this expecting a miserable experience. Okay, so what makes a scam?


upforit homepage img 600w

Don’t waste any time on Read this page for legit dating sites for meeting women!

Our Analysis Of Why Is Not Legit

  • We sent out 240 emails
  • Only 17 women responded
  • 0 dates were set up
  • 0 dates were attended

17 replies to our 240 introductory emails was about 16 more than we had expected! Yay! However, 17 responses just isn’t enough to expect to get a date – let alone get some pussy. It takes far more responses for most guys to get laid unless you’re the hottest guy that ever lived. Unfortunately, we aren’t the hottest dudes alive. We’re just average looking guys. But we still know how to get laid online. It just wasn’t going to happen on

Why Is Not Real: More On Our Review

Above, we mentioned the 3 main reasons is a scam. Let’s dig deeper into them. It’s very obvious when a profile is fake. On, there were so many fake profiles that it was a pain in the ass to find real women. They were buried deep in the search results. But then again, if we owned, we’d probably want to bury the real women that sign-up for that site. They would scare away the customers! There were also way too many guys. After you eventually find a real woman to chat with, good luck actually chatting with her. We don’t know the exact male:female ratio, but we do know it’s not good for us guys. Review: Our Final Word

Far too many guys waste their money on crappy dating sites. Don’t be one of them. is a waste of money. You won’t get laid. Invest your money more wisely and sign-up for,, and/or They’re very affordable (CHEAP!) and they are legitimate places to meet REAL women that truly are looking for a hookup.

avoid scams when meeting women CTA