Gaining Insight Into a Woman’s Mind Part II: Chatting With a Real-Life SocialSex Female Member

In Part I of this mini-series, I interviewed a member of to discuss her advice on what she looks for in a guy online. Now I’m shifting the focus to SocialSex – a hookup based dating site. For this interview, I chatted with Christine – a 29-year old that likes to have a good time…between the sheets. Christine is done playing the hookup game. In fact, she recently signed up for But she was a member of SocialSex for nearly a year and hooked up with a few of the guys on there. Now she’s sharing her advice on how a guy can get laid online.

Q: You were a member of SocialSex for nearly a year. What were your intentions with that hookup site?

Christine: I probably have the same story as many other women on SocialSex. I had no interest in a long-term relationship, nor did I have interest in hooking up with guys at the club. But I have needs and SocialSex seemed to be a pretty good site, so I had to check it out.

Q: Give me a brief description of the average SocialSex male member.

Christine: Total douchebag!



Q: All of them?

Christine: You said average. They’re not all douchebags. But most of them are. They have absolutely no idea what us women are looking for. I laugh at most of my messages. I have a thick skin and I don’t get grossed out like some women do. So when I received messages from guys that showed me their penis and told me some pretty nasty shit they’d like to do to me, I just laughed it off. I never responded to those messages, however.

Q: SocialSex is a hookup site. Didn’t you expect perverts when you joined a hookup site?

Christine: Oh, I knew there would be tons of pervs. But that doesn’t mean I have to fuck them. I was looking for a guy that had a bit of class and sex appeal. The other guys were ignored.

Q: You told me earlier that you hooked up with a few guys from SocialSex. Can you tell me a little bit about how those relationships went and also a bit about some of the other guys you went out on a date with?

The Importance Of Sex Appeal In Luring Women

The Importance Of Sex Appeal In Luring Women

Christine: 2 of the 3 guys I hooked up with turned into long-term friends with benefits. The other just wasn’t very good in bed so I had to get rid of him after just a few “meetings”. I went on a few other dates with guys that just didn’t have what it takes. They had this persona online that I was really attracted to, but didn’t seem to be the same offline.