Gaining Insight Into a Woman’s Mind Part I: Chatting With a Real-Life Female Member

I have created a 2-part mini-series with interviews of real-life female online daters. The purpose of these interviews is to give you insight into their minds, so you can find out what they’re really looking for. Because I know our reader base is split between hookup seekers and relationship seekers, I interviewed a female member on (the top relationship based dating site) and SocialSex (the top hookup based dating site).

Online Dating Safety for Women

Online Dating Safety for Women

From these interviews, you will learn what women truly do look for in a man online. I think you’ll be surprised. For this first interview, I chatted with a 26-year old female named Angie. She’s an attractive woman that found what she expects to be her future husband on She said it took her months of searching on that site because most of the guys just weren’t good enough for her. Why weren’t they good enough for her? Here’s the interview transcripts



Q: Angie, you found your Mr. Right – or so you think you have – on Can you tell me a little bit about what set him out from the rest of the guys on there?

Angie: I’m not trying to sound arrogant here, so I apologize, but I know that I am an attractive female. Ask any attractive woman on any dating site and they’ll tell you that perverted men bombard them with nasty emails everyday. My guy was completely different. I never once received a perverted message from him. Instead, they were funny and creative. I laughed when I talked to him. And because he was so patient to wait to open up his dirty mind, he’s now free to send me as perverted of a message as he wants any time! The other guys? They’re blocked!

Q: So you found your Mr. Right, but it seems you have mixed feelings about

Angie: I actually enjoyed There are perverts on every dating site. Besides, I found my guy and that’s all that matters!

Q: We promote because it’s our favorite relationship based dating site. I know you looked over our dating guide. Is there any other advice you would give for a new male member?

Angie: The advice you give is pretty good. I like the fact that you’re encouraging them to be different and not so perverted. The only other advice I would add is to be confident. Don’t be cocky. All of us women love confident men and it’s very easy to tell just from their profile if they lack confidence. If I read a profile of a man that clearly lacks confidence, I will never speak to him.

That wraps up Part 1 of this mini-series. If you’re interested in learning about what women on hookup sites are looking for in a man, check out Part 2: SocialSex.