7 Rules of Online Hookups You MUST Follow: Play the Game Right and Your Sex Life Will Be Amazing

I don’t like to tell people what to do when it comes to morals. I’m far from a flawless human being. But I do believe in showing women respect – even women you’re using for sex. I’m a firm believer in karma. What comes around goes around. So I have compiled a list of 7 rules you should abide by. If you follow these rules, you’ll have a great sex life and karma will be on your side…

Rule #1: Don’t sleep with someone behind her back

I know you’re not getting into a serious relationship. But you should still refrain from banging another chick on the side unless she’s cool with it. Don’t hide it from her. She’ll find out and then she’ll ditch you.

Rule #2: If you must lie about who you are, make sure you can back it up

Let’s say you’re really just a boring nice guy but are playing off the “bad boy” routine online. You better be able to pull it off or you’re screwed. It’s not easy to pull off the bad boy routine when that’s not who you really are.

Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

Rule #3: Please her FIRST

You should never be selfish in bed. If you are, the relationship won’t last. If you are willing to take your time to please her first, she’ll keep coming back for more.

Rule #4: Occasionally buy her cheap gifts

Just because she’s only a booty call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get her gifts. It’s just another way to make her feel special. Don’t spend a lot of money on her. Get her an occasional cheap but creative gift.

Rule #5: No hooking up with her friends

This goes without saying. If you’re going after her friends, you’re making a huge mistake. Even if her super hot friend is all over you, reject her offer.

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Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX

Rule #6: Always wrap up

Nobody loves raw-dog sex more than I do. Everyone prefers to not have to use a condom. However, I’d rather wrap up than end up with a kid or an STD. You don’t know her well enough to have sex with her without a condom on. You just never know.

Rule #7: Be willing to try new things

You may not necessarily be into the same things sexually as your booty call. If you want to please her to the fullest, be willing to