How I Screwed Things Up With One of the Hottest Girls You’ll Ever Find Online

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, even when it comes to online dating. I accept my mistakes and generally do not dwell on them. But there was one mistake I made not so long ago that had me angry for weeks. I needed a lot of Vodka Red Bull’s to get over the fact that I screwed things up with one of the hottest girls I’ve ever met…before I ever got any from her.

I met this girl named Kristin on my

 Favorite hookup site – SocialSex

Favorite hookup site – SocialSex

. I had met a few very attractive women online, but none compared to Kristin. Her body was banging. She was tan, toned, and looked pretty damn close to a porn star. On top of that, she was an intelligent, fun girl that wasn’t full of herself or stuck up. Basically, I couldn’t think of a better chick to hookup with. I really don’t know what she was doing with me. She could have any guy she wanted. I guess I got a bit lucky. Well, until I fucked things up.


It was a perfect evening when we met. The temperature was great (low 80’s with a slight breeze). We agreed to meet at a local pub that was within a 5-minute drive to my house. I like to go somewhere close to home so I can get her back there hassle-free. When she showed up, I had to refrain from completely freezing up. I thought her profile picture was smoking hot, but damn…she looked even better in person. I don’t know how it was possible.

The Hottest Girls You’ll Ever Find Online

The Hottest Girls You’ll Ever Find Online

The evening started off well. She seemed into me and I was definitely digging her. I just knew I was going to get some. Her body language was very positive. She smiled when I talked. She laughed at my stupid jokes. And she did not back away when I made physical contact. We each had a couple of drinks but neither of us got drunk. I never recommend getting wasted on a first date.

About 45 minutes into the date, I was getting very close to making my move and suggesting we go back to my place. But then I made a huge mistake. The 2012 US Presidential Election was only days away when this date took place. I was a big Barack Obama supporter. I took a look at the TV screen and made some comment about how much I love Obama.

After I made the Obama comment, she gave me a dirty look and then said, “let’s not talk politics”. I should have just kept my mouth shut. She clearly was not an Obama supporter. But I couldn’t help myself. I made a comment about how great Obama is and that I would be voting for him. She got very angry. So angry that she got up and left and told me I was being very rude by continuing to talk about politics after she asked me not to. And that was the end of the date. All because I had to open my mouth about my Barack Obama love. The lesson I learned from this evening? Never bring up politics on a date. You just never know if she’ll find it offensive.

Best Excuses to Avoid Meeting Her Parents

I absolutely dread meeting the parents. I just hate doing it. It never goes well. I’m always worried that I won’t be good enough for them. And then either she’ll leave me or I’ll have to hear about how Dad thought I wouldn’t “fit in with this family”. That’s translation for “we think he’s a fucking loser”. So if I don’t feel I’m completely ready to meet the folks or I never want to meet the folks, I’ve always got a decent excuse to get out of it.

I’m going to give you a few ideas on what to say to your girl, but before I do that I want to cover excuses you SHOULDN’T use (for obvious reasons). The worst excuse is you don’t want to meet her parents. Many of us are very connected to our families. She might take this offensively. Another bad excuse is to tell a lie she would never believe. For example, telling her that you can’t meet the folks because you have to rescue your brother from the Mexican Cartel isn’t going to fly. Good excuses aren’t usually true but they’re believable, such as the following…

ome Tips for Meeting the Parents

ome Tips for Meeting the Parents

Legit Excuses She’ll Believe

“I have too much work tonight”

This excuse only works for certain people. If you work a 9-5 job and she knows you never bring your work home, you can’t use this excuse. But if you’re self-employed or occasionally/regularly bring your work home, this is your best excuse. How can she counter that argument? No decent woman is going to prevent you from working. Women love money!

“My mom is sick, I need to help take care of her”

This is another excuse that only some of you can get away with. If she’s met your mother, this probably won’t work. Why? Because she may contact her to send her well wishes. But if she’s never met your mom, it’s unlikely she will contact her out of the blue. Of course, if your mom is cool, you can always give her the heads-up and let her know to back you up just in case your girl gets snoopy.

AM Rule Refresher: Impress Her Family

AM Rule Refresher: Impress Her Family

“I’m not feeling very good”

Faking sick is one of the best ideas. But it requires being a decent actor. I’ve never been good at this. I wasn’t good at it when I was a kid and didn’t want to go to school because there was a Math test I hadn’t prepared for. My parents never believed me. So you had better be a hell of a lot better at pretending to be sick than I am or she’ll see through your bullshit. Fake illnesses that are believable. “I think I’m coming down with cancer” isn’t the smartest idea. The best illness to fake is the flu.

Finding a Relationship and a Hookup at the Same Time? It Can Happen, and Here’s How!

We created this site as a way to teach men how to either get laid or find a relationship. We reviewed some hookup sites and we reviewed some traditional dating sites. So there’s something for everyone. And I know that 90% of my readers (if not more) are looking for one or the other. Either you just want a random fuck buddy OR you are looking for your Queen. But to that I ask you…why not go for both at the same time?

That might seem silly, but I have some good reasoning. And, after you hear me out, I’ll show you how to make it happen. My reasoning for considering mixing both is so you’re never frustrated. Think about it…finding a relationship takes time. You should never just rush into a relationship. And when you’re using traditional dating sites, it almost always takes longer to meet someone than it does on a hookup site.

I’m not saying it’s going to take you months to find a girlfriend. But you shouldn’t expect to get one within a week or two. So why not have a little harmless fun in the process? You’re a guy…you like sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Why not go out and get laid while you’re searching for a girlfriend? It’s a great way to make your dating life less stressful. You’ll never be upset if things don’t go well on a date because you can always call up your booty call to relieve your frustration. It’s a win-win situation.

Sex for Adults. Putting the Fuck back into F-Buddy

Sex for Adults. Putting the Fuck back into F-Buddy

Here’s how you make it work…

There are a few rules you must follow when trying to balance a regular dating life with booty calls…

  • Never ditch a date in order to go get laid.
  • Regular dating should ALWAYS be your first priority.
  • Once you get into a relationship, you must ditch your booty call IMMEDIATELY!

    Find the best dating site

    Find the best dating site

To make it work, you should sign-up for 3 dating sites – 2 traditional dating sites and 1 hookup dating site. Spend more time on your traditional dating sites because finding a girlfriend should be your first priority. But don’t neglect your hookup site. It’s very hard to pull this off if you lead a very busy life. In that case, I suggest you choose one or the other. But if you have some free time, why not try out both types of dating sites? You’ll get laid while going through the daunting “courtship” process of regular dating.

Pickup Lines that Work!

Every attractive woman (and even some unattractive women) has heard every pickup line in the books. Most guys are very unoriginal and use pickup lines such as these…

  • “Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only 10 I see”
  • “I’m sorry, I lost my number. Can I have yours?”
  • “Are you getting tired from constantly running through my mind?”

Those lines are not only unoriginal, they are cheesy and not funny. I’m quite confident that no guy has ever been laid because he approached a woman with one of those pickup lines. The key to a great pickup line is originality, creativity, and classiness. Women don’t like being approached (online or offline) by men that are unoriginal and perverted. If you send a woman an email that appears to be the same message you send to every woman, she won’t respond. And if the message is perverted, chances are she won’t respond to that either.

Full length portrait of a sexy woman in water stu

Full length portrait of a sexy woman in water stu

The Key to a Great Online Pickup Line…BEING DIFFERENT!

The fact of the matter is most guys are completely clueless. They send random women they’ve never met perverted messages. What makes them think they are going to get laid by doing this is beyond me. Why would a respectable woman want to talk to a disgusting pervert? A pickup line doesn’t really have to be smooth. It just has to be classy, original, and maybe include a bit of light humor. Here are a few examples that have worked for me…

  • “There are at least 1,000 women in our town on this site and you’re the first I chose. Tell me you don’t feel special!”
  • “You said in your profile that you want a sweet, caring, confident, and honest man. Is it me or did you just describe me to a T?”
  • “You have a beautiful smile. You have a sarcastic, funny personality. Why are you single? Haven’t met me yet!?”

    Beautiful smile

    Beautiful smile

The reason those pickup lines work so well is because they include light humor and aren’t perverted. A great pickup line isn’t something ridiculously creative. You shouldn’t have to think for hours to come up with a good pickup line. It just needs to be a tad catchy, witty, and original. And you should refrain from any sexual innuendos or anything perverted.

Why Girls Don’t Like Nice Guys as Much as Pricks

This post is mainly for those of you looking for nothing other than a hookup. The fact of the matter is REAL women do go for the nice guys in relationships. Immature, 20-something girls go for the assholes. However, when it comes to hookups, it might seem to you like women of all ages only go for the pricks. And you would be 100% correct.

It’s not that girls don’t like nice guys. In fact, my title is a tad misleading. Actually, they do. But only as friends. Nice guys are easily taken advantage of because, well…they can’t say no. When a girl needs someone to join her for lunch, go for a walk in the park, or talk about her problems, she goes to her nice guy friend because he’s always available and willing.

Truthfully, her nice guy friend is more important to her than her fuck buddy. Fuck buddies can easily be replaced, especially if you’re a woman. But a nice guy that’s always there for you isn’t so easily replaceable. However, Mr. Nice Guy is NEVER going to get down her pants. He’ll always hold out hope that he will. But she’ll never make a move. And if he does make a move, she will politely reject him and then the relationship will become awkward.

Everybody needs fuck buddies!

Everybody needs fuck buddies!

Nice Guys Don’t Have Sex Appeal and Why Assholes Do

Let me first define an “asshole”. I’m not talking about complete jerks that hit women (NEVER hit a woman – EVER) and verbally abuse them. That shit isn’t cool. Those guys aren’t assholes, they are pieces of shit. Assholes are guys that aren’t always there when a girl needs them (except for sex). He calls her out when she does something he thinks is ridiculous. He doesn’t always tell her she looks beautiful when she’s wearing an outfit that doesn’t look good on her. And he calls the shots in the relationship.

He’s not romantic. That’s why he never lasts in a relationship. But he’s confident, strong, and will stand up for himself. If she tries to insult him, he defends himself. Women do not like pushovers. Nor do they like needy men. So an asshole might go 3 hours without responding to her text message to not seem needy. And she’ll be left wondering if he’s ignoring her or out screwing some other chick.

Schnelle Tricks für mehr Sex-Appeal

Schnelle Tricks für mehr Sex-Appeal

An asshole will also comment on other women’s looks. So if a hot chick walks by, he’ll let his girl know what he thinks of her. Why does this nonsense turn girls on? Because they love the chase. They are turned on by the thought of getting with a guy that other women want. And since other women want assholes, her man will be a wanted man.

Top 5 Romantic First Date Ideas

I’m not the most romantic guy. But I do know how to charm a woman on a first date by taking her somewhere romantic. You should never be too romantic early in a relationship. It might put her off. If you’re too sensitive and caring, she might think of you as a sissy boy. However, I do think it’s a good idea to get creative on a first date. Dinner at Applebee’s and a movie is kind of lame. So instead of that, here are 5 first date ideas that are more romantic…

Candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant

Like I said, Applebee’s is just lame. Everyone has taken a date there (or some similar type of restaurant). Sure, the food at Applebee’s is pretty good and it’s not too expensive or cheap, but come on, it’s Applebee’s. Where’s the excitement in that? I don’t like the idea of taking her back to your place on a first date. Later in the date, if things are going well, you can offer for her to come back. But not right away. So if you have the budget for a fancy restaurant that offers candlelight service, this is a fantastic idea. DOWNSIDE: These restaurants are almost always expensive.

First Date Recipes couple at romantic table

First Date Recipes couple at romantic table

Hike through the mountains and a candlelight dinner at camp side

If you live in the middle of Ohio, obviously you won’t have any mountains nearby. But if you’re within driving distance of some mountains, there’s really nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner out in the middle of the mountains. Start the evening off with a nice hike. Chat with her a bit and get to know each other. Then take her to a camping location and have dinner already prepared. DOWNSIDE: Hiking can wear you down.

Sightseeing in scenic locations

Again, if you reside in a town where the only scenery is the hot local women, this won’t work. But then again, even some small boring towns have certain scenic locations. If your town has some scenic points, take her there. Go for a walk, chat, and enjoy the sights. Don’t forget to give her your jacket if she’s chilly. DOWNSIDE: There is none!

The hot local women

The hot local women

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon rides are expensive, but they are very romantic and adventurous. This works even better if you’re fortunate enough to live in a scenic town. But it’s still a great idea anywhere. This shows her you’re entertaining and like to have fun. It’s an exciting alternative to the played out dinner and a movie date. DOWNSIDE: The cost.

Sporting Event

Who says that taking a date to a ballgame isn’t romantic? Haven’t you ever seen Fever Pitch? If you’re both into sports and cheer for the same team, take her out to a ballgame. Grab a beer, hot dog, and some peanuts. She’ll be impressed. DOWNSIDE: None, unless you aren’t fans of the same teams.

Top 5 Worst Reasons to Get Into a Relationship With Her

If only I had a nickel for every time a friend of mine got into a relationship with someone that wasn’t right for them. I see it all the time. Guy meets girl. Guy becomes obsessed with girl. Guy gets his heart broken because he entered a relationship with a woman he had nothing in common with. If only he had learned these 5 worst reasons to get into a relationship beforehand…

Reason #1: Because she’s hot

I love hot women just as much as the next guy. They’re great to look at. They’re great to have sex with because it’s easy to get turned on when a hottie is naked in your bed. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily make the best girlfriends. If the only reason you’re in a relationship with her is because she has a great ass, you’re making a mistake. Looks turn you on. Personality makes the relationship go.

Foods Items which will help you have great sex

Foods Items which will help you have great sex

Reason #2: You’re desperate

This is one of the worst mistakes some guys make. No one likes being single for a long time. If you’ve gone 2 years without a girlfriend, don’t get into a relationship with the first girl you meet just so you won’t be single anymore. Make sure she’s actually a good match for you first. Desperation leads to heart break.

Reason #3: Your friends think you should

Ah, yes, the old “my friends think she’s perfect for me” excuse. This one drives me crazy. I’ve had quite a few friends try to set me up with women that they thought were perfect for me, when in fact they weren’t. Then when I refused to date these women, they wondered what was wrong with me. Getting into a relationship is your decision, not your friends.

Reason #4: You think you always need a girlfriend

Sometimes being single is the good life. I have far too many friends that jump from relationship to relationship just because. They simply cannot function without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Again, be with her because you want to be with HER. Don’t be with her because you want a girlfriend.

Feel All Your Sexual Feelings

Feel All Your Sexual Feelings

Reason #5: You’re not attracted to her

This is the polar opposite of Reason #1. I did say that looks aren’t everything and that personality is what makes a relationship go. But a lack of sexual interest in your partner will kill a relationship. If you can’t get it up for her, your relationship will never last. Don’t be a shallow douche and only go for Perfect 10s. But there needs to be some sort of sexual attraction to make the relationship last.

7 Rules of Online Hookups You MUST Follow: Play the Game Right and Your Sex Life Will Be Amazing

I don’t like to tell people what to do when it comes to morals. I’m far from a flawless human being. But I do believe in showing women respect – even women you’re using for sex. I’m a firm believer in karma. What comes around goes around. So I have compiled a list of 7 rules you should abide by. If you follow these rules, you’ll have a great sex life and karma will be on your side…

Rule #1: Don’t sleep with someone behind her back

I know you’re not getting into a serious relationship. But you should still refrain from banging another chick on the side unless she’s cool with it. Don’t hide it from her. She’ll find out and then she’ll ditch you.

Rule #2: If you must lie about who you are, make sure you can back it up

Let’s say you’re really just a boring nice guy but are playing off the “bad boy” routine online. You better be able to pull it off or you’re screwed. It’s not easy to pull off the bad boy routine when that’s not who you really are.

Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

Rule #3: Please her FIRST

You should never be selfish in bed. If you are, the relationship won’t last. If you are willing to take your time to please her first, she’ll keep coming back for more.

Rule #4: Occasionally buy her cheap gifts

Just because she’s only a booty call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get her gifts. It’s just another way to make her feel special. Don’t spend a lot of money on her. Get her an occasional cheap but creative gift.

Rule #5: No hooking up with her friends

This goes without saying. If you’re going after her friends, you’re making a huge mistake. Even if her super hot friend is all over you, reject her offer.

Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX

Discover The Shocking Health Benefits That Lies Hidden In SEX

Rule #6: Always wrap up

Nobody loves raw-dog sex more than I do. Everyone prefers to not have to use a condom. However, I’d rather wrap up than end up with a kid or an STD. You don’t know her well enough to have sex with her without a condom on. You just never know.

Rule #7: Be willing to try new things

You may not necessarily be into the same things sexually as your booty call. If you want to please her to the fullest, be willing to

Gaining Insight Into a Woman’s Mind Part II: Chatting With a Real-Life SocialSex Female Member

In Part I of this mini-series, I interviewed a member of to discuss her advice on what she looks for in a guy online. Now I’m shifting the focus to SocialSex – a hookup based dating site. For this interview, I chatted with Christine – a 29-year old that likes to have a good time…between the sheets. Christine is done playing the hookup game. In fact, she recently signed up for But she was a member of SocialSex for nearly a year and hooked up with a few of the guys on there. Now she’s sharing her advice on how a guy can get laid online.

Q: You were a member of SocialSex for nearly a year. What were your intentions with that hookup site?

Christine: I probably have the same story as many other women on SocialSex. I had no interest in a long-term relationship, nor did I have interest in hooking up with guys at the club. But I have needs and SocialSex seemed to be a pretty good site, so I had to check it out.

Q: Give me a brief description of the average SocialSex male member.

Christine: Total douchebag!



Q: All of them?

Christine: You said average. They’re not all douchebags. But most of them are. They have absolutely no idea what us women are looking for. I laugh at most of my messages. I have a thick skin and I don’t get grossed out like some women do. So when I received messages from guys that showed me their penis and told me some pretty nasty shit they’d like to do to me, I just laughed it off. I never responded to those messages, however.

Q: SocialSex is a hookup site. Didn’t you expect perverts when you joined a hookup site?

Christine: Oh, I knew there would be tons of pervs. But that doesn’t mean I have to fuck them. I was looking for a guy that had a bit of class and sex appeal. The other guys were ignored.

Q: You told me earlier that you hooked up with a few guys from SocialSex. Can you tell me a little bit about how those relationships went and also a bit about some of the other guys you went out on a date with?

The Importance Of Sex Appeal In Luring Women

The Importance Of Sex Appeal In Luring Women

Christine: 2 of the 3 guys I hooked up with turned into long-term friends with benefits. The other just wasn’t very good in bed so I had to get rid of him after just a few “meetings”. I went on a few other dates with guys that just didn’t have what it takes. They had this persona online that I was really attracted to, but didn’t seem to be the same offline.

Gaining Insight Into a Woman’s Mind Part I: Chatting With a Real-Life Female Member

I have created a 2-part mini-series with interviews of real-life female online daters. The purpose of these interviews is to give you insight into their minds, so you can find out what they’re really looking for. Because I know our reader base is split between hookup seekers and relationship seekers, I interviewed a female member on (the top relationship based dating site) and SocialSex (the top hookup based dating site).

Online Dating Safety for Women

Online Dating Safety for Women

From these interviews, you will learn what women truly do look for in a man online. I think you’ll be surprised. For this first interview, I chatted with a 26-year old female named Angie. She’s an attractive woman that found what she expects to be her future husband on She said it took her months of searching on that site because most of the guys just weren’t good enough for her. Why weren’t they good enough for her? Here’s the interview transcripts



Q: Angie, you found your Mr. Right – or so you think you have – on Can you tell me a little bit about what set him out from the rest of the guys on there?

Angie: I’m not trying to sound arrogant here, so I apologize, but I know that I am an attractive female. Ask any attractive woman on any dating site and they’ll tell you that perverted men bombard them with nasty emails everyday. My guy was completely different. I never once received a perverted message from him. Instead, they were funny and creative. I laughed when I talked to him. And because he was so patient to wait to open up his dirty mind, he’s now free to send me as perverted of a message as he wants any time! The other guys? They’re blocked!

Q: So you found your Mr. Right, but it seems you have mixed feelings about

Angie: I actually enjoyed There are perverts on every dating site. Besides, I found my guy and that’s all that matters!

Q: We promote because it’s our favorite relationship based dating site. I know you looked over our dating guide. Is there any other advice you would give for a new male member?

Angie: The advice you give is pretty good. I like the fact that you’re encouraging them to be different and not so perverted. The only other advice I would add is to be confident. Don’t be cocky. All of us women love confident men and it’s very easy to tell just from their profile if they lack confidence. If I read a profile of a man that clearly lacks confidence, I will never speak to him.

That wraps up Part 1 of this mini-series. If you’re interested in learning about what women on hookup sites are looking for in a man, check out Part 2: SocialSex.