Online Dating Used to Only Be for the Desperate: Why Everyone Now Uses It

I remember back in the day of the AOL chat rooms. I never met anyone on there, but many in our group got to know each other well offline. In fact, quite a few couples formed from our group. I’m going to be honest with you. From the pictures I saw of the other members, it wasn’t a very attractive group. And based on the discussion in the group, I don’t think many guys – if any at all – would have been able to pull some tail offline.

That’s exactly what they were doing online. That was the late 1990’s. Soon after, small dating sites were beginning to pop-up. But online dating was far from becoming a mainstream place for finding a mate/hookup. Most people were embarrassed to admit they met a girl online. In fact, some of my friends would never admit to it right away. If a guy went online to get a girl, he was seen as desperate. Online dating 10-12 years ago was only for losers, according to society.

Somewhere along the line, we all sort of decided that online dating was actually kind of cool. And before we knew it, online dating had become one of the most popular places to get a date and/or get laid. It’s like society did a complete 180 on their opinions of online dating overnight. So what happened to our views of online dating? Let’s take a look…

Great Date Ideas for Online Dating

Great Date Ideas for Online Dating

We Became Addicted to Computers

The fact of the matter is we now live in a society where we’re all technology addicts. Whether it be iPad’s, iPhone’s, fancy laptops, or HDTV’s – we cannot get enough of modern technology. Our days now revolve around technology. Online dating has become a part of modern technology. You can log onto your fancy computer and chat with women instantly.

Women Are Fed Up With the Douchebags They Meet in Bars

Talk to any decent woman and she’ll tell you the caliber of men she meets in a bar isn’t very good. And it’s hard to be selective when you’re meeting men in a bar because you don’t know anything about them other than their looks. That differs to online dating. Women are now able to read a little bit about you from your profile. So if she thinks you’re a douchebag based on what’s in your profile, she never has to speak to you should you approach her. She can just ignore your email. It’s hard to fend off the douchebags offline.

Find online hookup with hot Girl

Find online hookup with hot Girl

It’s Just So Darn Convenient

The best part about online dating is it made getting a girlfriend or a hookup so damn easy. You don’t have to dress up, head out to a bar, and work your ass off to impress women anymore. Now you can just sit around in your tighty-whities and charm the ladies with very little effort. Once everyone caught on that online dating is so convenient, they hopped on the bandwagon. And it’s here to stay. Online dating will only get bigger and bigger.