How to Score With Women That Are Out of Your League

For the better part of my life, I never went for women that were clearly better looking than me. I always assumed they were unattainable. Just look around at couples out there and you’ll notice a majority of them are evenly matched in terms of looks. If she’s a 9, she’s probably dating a guy that’s an 8-10, and not a 4. It’s just the way it is.

So that makes it nearly impossible for average looking men to snag a hottie…if they don’t know how. The truth is most guys go for women that are in their league, physically because they feel they’ll be rejected less. And that’s why 5’s end up with 5’s and 9’s end up with 9’s. But the guys with balls that have some game end up scoring with chicks that are out of their league. Here’s how they do it…

Be Honest With Yourself: Know How You Rate

I think most of us guys sort of know what women think of us physically. I don’t think many 3’s think they’re 10’s. And I don’t think many 10’s think they’re 3’s. If women are constantly complimenting your looks, you’re attractive. Before you can start choosing how hot you want your woman to be, you need to be realistic. You definitely can get a woman out of your league. But unless you’re filthy rich, you should only expect to go up 2-3 points. So let’s say you’re a 4. You can get a woman that is a 5-7 easily. But an 8+ is probably going to be unattainable unless your bank account has endless zeros.

Sexiest Playoff Hotties

Sexiest Playoff Hotties

Offer Her Something Beyond Looks

Women almost NEVER date down. They want a man that’s at least on an even level with them. But I’m not talking about looks. If you have a good job and a great personality, you won’t have any problem attracting women that are physically better looking than you. The entire package is very important. For example, if she’s an 8 and you’re a 5, you can still get her as long as you can offer her a charming personality and a decent job. That will offset the difference in looks.

DATE HOT WOMEN - Be Yourself Seduction!!!

DATE HOT WOMEN – Be Yourself Seduction!!!

Learn How to Talk Your Way Into Her Pants

I won’t lie to you. Better looking guys will get first dibs on the hot women online (or offline). It’s just the way it is. However, most of those good looking dudes screw things up because they have lousy personalities and don’t know how to talk to women. That’s where you come in. You’re going to be the guy that humors her and shows her what an awesome personality you have. After she gets tired of the perverted “studs” that think they can use their good looks to get in her pants, she’ll end up in your bed.